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From a commissioned script by author Andrej Predin performers used only recorded voice to create two improvised Ambisonic sound events. Performed by Alastair McNeill, Matevž Kolenc and Mauricio Valdes at Sonica Festival and Vodnikova Domacjia. Voices from Andrej Predin, Irena Tomažin, Boštjan Narat and Ana Pepelnik.

6.2 Ambisonic array with custom real-time performance system


From Slovenian author Andrej Predin’s new story ‘Brez Upora’ a live on radio a 30 improvised manipulation of the text using digital and tape techniques. Performed by Alastair McNeill, text read by Ana Predin.

Stereo Sound. Live Internet stream.

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A piece of musical theater performed by an 8 piece band behind / with projected image, found sound, spoken word, text and written stories by Steven Camden. The show is centered around a box of potential memories. Using music, sonic art, video, projection, animation, written word it will put social, physical & emotional concepts in perspective. Produced by Alastair McNeill, Jvan Morandi And Steven Camden.

Stereo Sound, Dual Projection, CRT Screens

the-monitors review of Total Refreshment center show

Norwich Arts Center posting

Eva Andrášová, Mária Čorejová, Tomáš Danielis, Zuzana Novotová Godálová, Zuzana Husárová, Ľubomír Panák, Jakub Pišek. Selected artists representing various forms of art met and worked in various locations in Slovakia. The goal was to work as a unified group ego and create a new multi practice work.. The project is based on the multimedia show 'Souvenir' from British artist Alastair McNeill who was artistic director in the initial phase of the project.


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The purpose of The Sound of Kings project was to sonically capture the process of the development and resulting transformation of London’s Kings Cross. Using recordings submitted by members of the public to an email from any device able to record audio at any quality (phones, dictaphones etc). The sounds were then be used to form a composition that was presented on a recycled multi speaker installation and sculpture.

Eight outstanding artists from three countries joined together in a project by British artists Eddie Stevens and Alastair McNeill. Experimental audio-visual performance "IDÚ" was based on the opening track of album Moruša: CÌŒierna by slovak artist Jana Kirschner. The live audio-visual performance took place in Multimedia Space for Contemporary Culture Nástupište 1-12 / Platform 1-12 in Topo??ianky, Slovakia. Art direction: Eddie Stevens & Alastair McNeill


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Mixing animation, stills and live action Compulse is a collaboration between Flyfaction and Yila. Based around ideas of the self, fleeting memory and loss. It was projected as part of a collective show under London's Westway.

Stereo AV projection

12 Channel audio installation.
Autonomous generative composition playing for three days in a tree at Green Man Festival

Member of Improvisers orchestra led by David Toop

Tate Modern
Tate Britain
Kubrick festival,
Barbican Centre
South London Gallery.

4.1 AV installation.

Motion triggered and manipulated storm